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Looking for more on Tesla

Please advise status on “Waverunner,” Larry Berardinis' continuing series on the life of Nikola Tesla. Last I saw was Part 2 in the Motion Monitor e-newsletter of 29 Nov. 2005. A reference was made at the end of that article that the next installment would discuss Tesla's wilder experiments. Is there a link where I can read the entire series?

You have an interesting mix of information that I enjoy reviewing.

Richard McAfee
Texas Hydraulics
Temple, Texas

Editor's Note: The link to all Tesla articles is listed under the “In the Loop” department at

I am enjoying your articles on one of my heroes — Nikola Tesla. I trust that you have made the pilgrimage to the corner of 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) and 40th Street in New York City. I don't have a photo of the street sign or I would forward it. It was sad how he ended up.

Thanks for your work.

A.K. Rosenhan, PE
Mississippi State

A note of thanks

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the insightful articles in MSD and look forward to receiving and reading each month's copy. I wish I knew more friends who appreciated the knowledge you share. Keep up the excellent, thought-provoking writing.

Jack R. Jones
Fleetwood Industrial Products
Hughesville, Pennsylvania

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