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Three cheers for FWF

Hooray! Thank you all for the Fun With Fundamentals (FWF) revival!

Maybe it's just me, but while working on this first of the revived FWF series problems, I may have run into some snags.
Lee Ruiz
Peerless Pump
Indianapolis, Ind.

The snags are by design. The missing information for each problem can now be found on our website at The correct solution will also be posted on our site the following month. — Ed.

Avoid the blues

I just finished your article on the Best Buy Blues and I'm surprised that you have not received a notice on your Neptune washer. I bought one a few years ago, had it for two years, and the “wax motor” and a circuit board went out.

Since I paid about $900 for the unit, I was hoping the thing was a warranty situation. However, it was not covered and we had it repaired to the tune of $350. Then, a while later, we received a notice from Maytag telling us of the problems the washers have been having - problems I had and a continuing problem with mold on the door seal area. We had that, too, but a solution of water and bleach helps keep the mold under check. Maytag was offering a $500 rebate or give-back for those who have had these problems and that have purchased other washers. We bought the washer because it was a front loader, it saves water, and is easy on the clothes being washed. I've taken the rebate and purchased a new washer.

My point - quit buying what the blue-shirted guys recommend, steer clear of the “wish warranties,” and know that we the consumer are on the losing end of these deals simply because the big companies can and will do this. Customer loyalty means nothing to these guys. I wait for the rest of your story next month.
Joe Wichmann
Assistant Sales Manager
United States Drill Head Co.
Cincinnati, Ohio

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