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Welcome in our house

I receive MSD and was quite surprised at your September “In the Loop.” I was not expecting to find the message you relayed to your readers in the last two paragraphs but I just wanted to say thank you for your courage to put it there. If we could all be so courageous to stand up and give a voice to what is morally and sensibly right for the common good of mankind, this world would certainly be a better place to live in.
John J. Villanueva
Fuel Field Services
Richland, Wash.

Wow! Great insight in the September editorial. We measure all these things in manufacturing, flow, temperature, stress … yet how do we measure the creeping paralysis of PC?
Dennis Elrod
UFE Inc.

Amen! I couldn't agree more with your September In the Loop. Thank you for the courage to put it in print.
Dee Anderson
Sr. Project Engineer
Senior Flexonics Pathway

Great editorial; I agree! Not exactly what I would expect to see in a technical magazine, but I give you a lot of credit for taking advantage of the forum available to you and promoting the points expressed. Keep it up!
Blake Pluemer
Phillips, Wis.

I really enjoyed the article “Not in my house.” It would be great if every government official read this and responded, trying to justify such actions. Thanks for having the nerve to put it in print.
Tom Storey
Automated Conveyor Systems Inc.

Your editorial in the September issue was extremely brave. I applaud you. You are right on the mark!
Don Baker
Purchasing Manager
Aircraft Rubber
Manufacturing/dba Fuelsafe

… And not so welcome

Why is this editorial (September 2005) in Motion System Design? It is a highly conservative opinion in a technical magazine and is out of place. To take the leap from sidewalks to the Boy Scouts and late-term abortion is too much, and does not have anything to do with motion control. I read the magazine for the articles and ads showing me what is new in the field and I don't need your political opinions in this forum. Please stick to editorials on items that matter in industry and not politics.
Cruger Dunlap
Atlanta, Ga.

Another viewpoint

I just received my first issue. Thank you! In commenting about your (apparently unsettling) PC editorial in the September issue, Ron Wible writes an opposing opinion by saying that, “we complain about government … but we keep electing people who bring government waste and corruption to our district.” I agree with popular comedian George Carlin that when it comes to elected officials, it's “Garbage in - garbage out.” A “garbage public” is responsible for re-electing “garbage politicians,” and it is not those who refuse to vote who are at fault — it is those who vote and place these individuals of questionable caliber in offices of influence and power.
Chris Kelly, ME EIT
Mechanical Design Engineer
The Fischbein Co.
Statesville, N.C.

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