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In response

In response

Readers find eBooks refreshing

Thousands of readers are downloading the new Brushing Up eBooks series on topics such as physics, circuits, and magnetism. Why not join them?

Thanks for the free eBook on magnetism. It's refreshing to find someone who offers good technical information that doesn't require going through a big hassle, assigning passwords, sorting through a bunch of advertising, and so on.
Ted Bouchette

Thank you for the eBooks!
Bruce Vida

I am 84 years of age and still work every day at my profession — physics in particular, and engineering in general. I'm delighted to accept a free copy of your eBook on magnetism — an entertaining review of electromagnetism and its discovery. Magnetism is the least understood subject among the terrestrial sciences, yet one of our most valuable and useful assets in sustaining our wellbeing.

Perhaps the next eBook should cover these questions: Why is it possible to pass a copper wire through a permanent magnet's lines of force, and generate a current seemingly forever, with no cessation in intensity or evidence of fatigue? Why do ordinary transformers (attached to utility poles) suddenly explode? I've seen this occur, and it's impressive. I have worked out a solution to this problem with a colleague and would like to share more on this, if you're interested, curious, or just plain skeptical.
Fred Magee, Ph.D.

Thank you for offering a useful and entertaining read on magnets and electromagnetism. I wonder if the builders of the pyramids used magnets to levitate those stones!
Lee Spicer

Regarding the release of the magnetism eBook: Keep it up! Is there an archive of back articles?
Ken Chase, Ph.D.

[All of the Brushing Up eBooks can be downloaded at Enjoy. - Ed.]

Am I permitted to share the magnetism refresher document with my students?
Mohan Krishnan, Ph.D.

[Absolutely. We encourage readers to forward the eBook's URL, and hope that the material helps those just entering the engineering field. - Ed.]

Conveyor to help move people

In response to your story, “Conveyors deliver products, people across many settings” at, thank you. We are interested in installing a rail loop in retail stores for conveying individuals with disabilities around the perimeter and need information about suppliers and manufacturers.
Carli Millstone

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