Machine Design

Retrofit manifolds to meet regulations

NRB manifolds retrofit to hydraulic press systems help the system meet current accident prevention standards

Replacing hydraulic press systems that do not meet accident prevention standards is costly and time consuming. NRB manifolds from Bosch Rexroth Corp., Hoffman Estates, Ill., can be retrofit to hydraulic presses not up to regulations. They protect the press system from undesirable drops in pressure on the cylinder annulus ring chamber, thereby preventing unwanted press closing and bringing them within safety standards.

The manifolds are equipped with SAE flange ports for piping ease, and existing equipment does not have to be altered or replaced. Manifolds are available in 25 and 40mm, depending on the redundant safety DIN cartridge size. Each size can be leakage free or leakage prone. Manifolds are capable of flows 80 or 198 gpm, respectively, and pressures up to 4,785 psi.

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