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RF Level Switch For Slurries And Solids99

ShieldPoint RF level switches detect bulk substances in applications ranging from sticky slurries to dielectric bulk solids.

RF Level Switch For Slurries And Solids

The units' rugged probes mean there are no parts to wear out. Neither solids nor slurries build up on the switches and they feature one-step, external calibration. The units have LEDs and calibration lights visible through standard window covers. ShieldPoint 300 is a single-point level switch with three-element shielded probes and a 10-A DPDT relay. ShieldPoint 400 is a multipoint switch with several probe options, including a three-element probe, Teflon-coated or bare rods and cables, along with two SPDT 10-A relays. The ShieldPoint 400 has three operating modes: single setpoint, dual setpoint, and pump control. The dual setpoint lets the unit replace two single-point switches for the cost of one.

ASI Instruments Inc., 8570 Katy Freeway, Suite 117, Houston, TX 77024, (800) 245-7056,

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