Machine Design

Right-Angle Beam Bender

The 90-Line right-angle beam bender takes the reference laser beam from a Microgage 2000 and turns it precisely 90°.

It can be used to square machinery and equipment, set and adjust parallel tracks and rails, align web rollers, idlers, and reels, check gantry travel and position, monitor and adjust machine tools, and assist in geometric alignment. Exiting laser is square to the incoming beam within 0.0006°, or equivalent to 0.001 in. over a distance of 8 ft. The durable housing has several adjustments, letting the square exiting beam rotate through a full plane. The beam can be adjusted with a precision rotary mount, and a two-axis stage mount simplifies positioning the 90-Line. The 90-Line is machined from solid, aluminum block and is protected with a hard, anodized coating.

Pinpoint Laser Systems,
3 Graf Rd., Suite 14, Newburyport, MA 01950,
(800) 757-5383,

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