Machine Design

Ring Index Drives

Ring index drives feature larger through-holes to accommodate a variety of automated machinery and equipment, including electrical wiring and air or hydraulic lines.

The large center through-holes free up the outer periphery for greater access and additional equipment. The new line includes Model 1100RNG, which features a 1-m nominal diameter ring; Model 1550RNG with a 1.5-m nominal diameter ring; and Model 2050RNG with a 2-m nominal diameter ring. Each comes in 6 to 48-stop configurations. This Series is suited for pad printing, decorating equipment, and automatic assembly machinery requiring a large number of workstations. Additional features include output mounting surface supported by a fourpoint contact bearing, direct shaft-mounted motorized drive package, precision-ground cam with preloaded cam followers, and durable cast-steel housing.

Industrial Motion Control LLC,, 1444 S. Wolf Rd., Wheeling, IL 60090, (800) 645-5207,

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