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Machine Design

Rodless rail slides

Rail-bearings provide smooth, precise linear motion within confined spaces in new Series SFP slides.

The slides are available in 27 and 40-mm bore sizes with travel lengths to 3,400 mm in 25-mm increments. They are said to provide the lowest deflection and highest moment capacity combination in the industry. The slides feature a stainless-steel outer band and saddle scraper seal to enclose and protect the bearing system and internal components. Reed and solid-state switches can mount in side slots. Other standard features include adjustable cushions for smooth deceleration at end of travel and two standard port locations on end and side of each cap. The slides interface directly with Series STP and Series SK/SL slides, eliminating the need for transition plates. Optional hydraulic shock absorbers provide deceleration control for heavy loads at higher velocities.

PHD Inc., Box 9070, Fort Wayne, IN 46899,(800) 624-8511,

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