Machine Design

Rotary Torque Sensors

Torkdisc rotary torque sensor systems are compact in-line units designed for automotive-powertrain dynamometers and other torque-measurement applications.

The systems feature a telemetry module that converts torque signals into a high-speed digital representation. In digital form, the data goes to a noncontact pick-up loop with no risk of noise or data corruption. A remote receiver converts the digital data to a high-level analog output voltage, frequency output, and serial digital output. Additional features include a two-pole low-pass butterworth analog output filter and 16-bit resolution. Additional applications include torque studies on pumps, fans, and electric motors. Series 5300 torque sensors offer capacities from 2,000 to 225,000 lb-in. (226 to 25.4 k N-m) full-scale and maximum speeds to 15,000 rpm. Torkdisc features high torsion stiffness and low sensitivity to axial and thrust-bending moments.

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