Machine Design

RP Machine Runs Fast Or Accurate

The Eden500V prototyping system has settings that let users select between high-quality and high-speed modes based on project requirements.

At high speed, the 500V doubles the build speed of the predecessor 260 and 333 systems and maintains resolution at 0.001 in. The high-quality mode produces a resolution of 0.0006 in. for good detail and smooth surfaces, with walls as thin as 0.024 in. The machines use FullCure 720, Tango, and Vero materials in jumbo cartridges for maximized productivity with unattended build time. The build envelope measures 19.7 15.7 7.9 in.

Stratasys Inc., 14950 Martin Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344, (800) 937-3010,

TAGS: 3D Printing
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