Machine Design

Rust Blocker

Dri Touch Amber forms a colorless, odorless barrier film that is dry to the touch and resists humidity and corrosion.

It works on all types of cast iron and steel, as well as MIM components that are machined or have blind holes, recesses, and uneven surfaces. The coating will not drain off parts, or wick into packaging materials. It effectively protects parts that go into storage or dealer warehouses that require corrosion resistance without an oily film. It penetrates and dewaters recessed areas without damaging nonmetallic components such as grips, handles, fasteners, and enclosures. The film is especially useful for parts that are shrink or blister packaged for retail sale. It is rated for 100-hr salt-spray and 600-hr humidity protection and meets waterdisplacement test Mil-C-16173 and stain test Mil-C-22235A. It can be applied to wet or dry surfaces by dipping, brushing, or low-pressure spraying. Bulkhandled parts can be dipped, followed by a short spin dry to reclaim excess liquid. The solvent is available in 5 or 55-gallon containers.

Birchwood Casey,
7900 Fuller Rd.,
Eden Prairie, MN 55344,
(932) 937-7931,

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