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Machine Design

Safe Liquid-Level Sensors

An EZ-track R16 line of intrinsically safe, programmable liquid-level sensors provides continuous level monitoring in a variety of tanks.

A magnetostrictive sensor monitors the position of a magnetic float along the active stroke of the sensing tube. The IP68-rated R16 liquid-level sensors are available in a flexible PVDF or a rigid stainless-steel housing, the latter with an optional food-grade or 3A-rated sanitary finish. Probe lengths range from 20 to 288 in.

Electronics are incorporated within the 0.625-in. rod, which eliminates the need for an electronics enclosure at the top of the sensor. Resolution is 0.02 in. of full scale, and accuracy is 0.1% over the full 4 to 20-mA span, making it suited for applications that require continuous level position.

Turck Inc.,
3000 Campus Dr., Plymouth, MN 55441,
(800) 544-7769,

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