Motion System Design

Save time with motion controllers

Motion controllers ease robotics applications

SpiiPlus and MC4U motion control modules feature advanced tuning tools, including FFT analysis and both profile and variable monitoring for quick and easy system setup. Flexible application programming with the ACSPL+ multitasking language features 64-bit floating-point math, vast array handling capabilities, and user units. A flexible “Connect” command easily implements complex forward and inverse kinematic equations, while a 20 kHz servo update rate and 2 kHz profile update rate enable tight position control and synchronization with external processes. Software makes setup, tuning, programming, and application simulation easy. A free motion simulator is available at or call (800) 545-2980.

Servo controller makes automation more flexible

The PACMotion servo motion controller, the latest addition to the RX3i PACSystems family of programmable automation controllers (PACs), combines highly integrated motion and machine logic with the flexibility and scalability needed for machine automation. An open programming environment simplifies synchronization of motion and machine logic events without sacrificing real-time performance required for high-speed motion. Each module can control up to four servo axes; add modules for up to 40 axes in a single RX3i rack. All axes in a rack can be synchronized to one or more master signals over the high-speed backplane. Visit or call (800) GE-FANUC.

Compatible components simplify machine control

The Connected Components program reduces the time it takes for machine builders to choose suitable control products. The program combines a simple, yet powerful controller with a full suite of related components and a dedicated set of application development tools. Products are built around a core of Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLCs, PowerFlex drives, and newly developed PanelView Component HMIs. Program building blocks include prewritten software code for the PLC that can be modified as needed, prewritten HMI programs, and preconfigured drive-parameter files to simplify implementation of speed-control tasks. Visit or call (800) 223-5354.

Controller and spindle set deliver velocity stability

The Dover DMM-101 Single Axis Controller and ST1 Air Bearing Spindle together form an easily integrated subsystem for hard disk drive (HDD) applications, but can also be ordered separately. The controller delivers velocity stability performance of 0.0006% at 7,200 rpm to provide a stable test platform for increased aerial track densities. User-adjustable PID gains optimize performance with any payload. The controller can also position the spindle to any encoder count within one revolution relative to the index, while simplifying commutation by eliminating the need to align the encoder index to a motor pole. Visit or call (866) 993-2624.

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