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Machine Design


The PC/104-Plus Lynx board meets the requirements of the European Union Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive (2002/95/EC).

It targets vehicular/aircraft controls, medical equipment, and other OEM applications in Europe. It is especially suited for embedded controls requiring a small footprint because of its 3.55 3.775-in. footprint. The Lynx features the AMD SC520 processor, an 86-compatible (486-class) CPU. Standard onboard features include 64-Mbyte soldered-on SDRAM, four COM ports, Ethernet, IDE, LPT, two counter/timers, floppy interface, and keyboard/mouse ports. The PC/104-Plus interface supports both ISA and PCI add-on modules. It includes a customizable, OEM-enhanced BIOS that is field upgradable. It is designed to work with embedded operating systems including Windows CE, Linux, VxWorks, QNX, DOS, and other real-time OSs. Pricing is $425 in OEM quantities.

VersaLogic Corp, 3888 Stewart Rd., Eugene, OR 97402, (541) 485-8575,

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