Machine Design

Scanning for ideas: Options make ball-screw drive flexible and versatile

The single-axis ball-screw-driven actuator from Misumi USA Inc., Schaumburg, Ill. (, is built on a blackanodized, extruded 6063-T aluminum base with 1045 steel side supports.

It can be configured 208 different ways, letting users customize it to meet their needs and budget. The C10 ball screw, for example, can range in diameter from 12 to 20 mm, while the lead can be between 4 and 20 mm. The base width, stroke, and table length can also be specified from off-the-shelf components. The unit accepts most 30 to 400-W servos. Positioning repeatability is as low as 0.03 mm and velocities can be as high as 1,055 mm/sec.

Circle 403

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