Machine Design

Scanning For Ideas: Rotating Hall-Effect Sensor

The 9360 noncontact Halleffect rotary sensor from Duncan Electronics, Irvine, Calif. (, provides 360° of absolute position feedback and infinite rotation.

Output is analog or PWM and maximum rotational speed is 300 rpm. A compressionmolded rotating neodymium disc magnet generates a relatively strong magnetic field for reliability and accuracy. And it makes sealed connections with industry-standard six-pin Packard Electric Metri- Pack connectors. It operates in temperatures from –40 to 185°F. Accuracy is to within 0.6% of full scale at room temperature and 0.9% of full scale over the entire temperature range. The sensor withstands 10-g vibrations at 20 to 2,000 Hz, and 50 g of shock, The sensor measures 25.8 41.1 50.7mm.

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