Machine Design

Scanning for Ideas: A Totally Adjustable Workstation

Edited by Stephen J. Mraz

The Adjus line of work tables from Accuposture Systems Ltd., Bloomfield, Conn. (, is fully adjustable, letting engineers and designers work sitting down or standing up. There are also three power options. The electrically powered version can handle 500 lb (dynamic) and 100 lb (static), and adjusts at 4 ips. The workstation that uses an air-powered cylinder supports 350 lb (dynamic) and 1,000 lb (static), and travels at 10 ips. And the model with a locking gas spring handles 90 lb and moves at 11 ips. For flexibility, up to three electrically powered stations can be ganged together for a working surface 5-ft deep by 15-ft wide.

The company offers seven different work surfaces: high-pressure laminate, maple butcher block, phenolic resin, high-density polyethylene, stainless steel, and ball transfer. Accessories include On-The-Go-Power, an HD power supply that puts out 115 Vac at 300 W of continuous pure sinewave power for up to 7 hr. The power supply has two dc ports that will power laptops and monitors for longer than the 7-hr ac rating. Additional accessories include a slatwall system that acts as a slat wall and peg board. These will hold baskets, shelves, or hanging bins. To conserve resources, the company makes the workstations out of 25% postconsumer steel, all the aluminum and hanging bins are made from postconsumable materials, and the chassis is powder coated, not painted. Powder coating is a more durable finish and does not contain solvents or other volatile organic compounds.

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