Machine Design

Sealants Are Surfactant-Free

Hernon Porosity Sealants (HPS) 1000 and 1100 offer good lubricity, which lowers tool wear and resistance to degradation by hydrocarbon solvents such as gasoline, oil, and transmission fluid.

The surfactant-free sealants ease washing impregnated parts and eliminate costly pretreatment of disposed waste rinse water. The sealants seal microscopic voids through a vacuum-application process, which eliminates microscopic voids that cause leaks under pressure. HPS has a lower viscosity resulting in less residue on parts and better sealing of smaller passages. Improved washing eliminates trapped material in blind holds and allows for immediate painting or plating.

Hernon Mfg., 121 Tech Dr., Sanford, FL 32771, (800) 527-0004,

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