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Machine Design

Sealless Pump Incorporates Intelligent Control

The Shurflo IRD sealless centrifugal pump from Shurflo Pump Manufacturing Co., Santa Ana, Calif., uses an axial-air-gap, brushless dc motor inside the two-chamber pump. A dividing wall is placed in the air gap, with the stator winding on one side and the rotor and impeller on the other. Energy is transmitted through the metal wall using magnetic energy created by the interaction of the stator assembly and the permanent magnet rotor. The brushless dc motor is said to produce high torque and can accept ac or dc input power.

The pump's design provides mechanical isolation to integrate the drive and control electronics next to the motor's stator assembly. Real-time measurement of fluid flow, pressure, temperature, and operating time incorporates feedback signals to create an intelligent pump. The pump can be controlled by a PLC for integration into machine-process systems.

Computer or laptop control is also possible using a serial interface and software. The pump also works in stand-alone mode with or without external sensors. A range of safety diagnostics signals is provided.

The intelligent-pump technology is suitable for demanding industrial, transportation, and marine applications. The pump features an 8-gpm flow rate at a pressure head of 7 ft. It is ignition protected and has passed all applicable UL Marine tests including UL 1331.

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