Machine Design

Self-Adjusting Linear Bushing

The self-adjusting-type Power Linear Bush uses cages made of a synthetic resin that continually lubricates the rolling elements.

The hardened-steel ball plate features a precisely ground groove slightly larger than the ball. This results in an increased contact area between the balls and the ball plate that provides load capacities 3 × greater than conventional linear bushings and 27 × longer service life.

The ball retainer and outer sleeve are a synthetic polymer that is lightweight, low friction, and highly wear resistant. The material lets parts move rapidly with lower driving power reducing energy costs.

The convex shape of the ball plate provides a pivot point at the center for a self-adjustment capability up to 0.5°. This self-adjustment capability eliminates any possibility of edge pressure caused by inaccurate machining, errors in mounting, or shaft deflection and compensates for inaccuracies in base machining.

The ball plates float in the outer sleeve to allow clearance adjustment between the balls and shaft according to the application. The Power Linear Bush is fully interchangeable with conventional linear bushings.

THK America Inc., 200 E. Commerce Dr., Schaumburg, IL 60173, (847) 310-1111,

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