Machine Design

Self-Centering Vises

Kurt Self-Centering vises have a unique jaw adjustment feature for quickly matching centerlines in multiple vise setups thereby reducing setup time.

Kurt Self-Centering vises have jaws for quickly matching centerlines in multiple vise setups, thereby reducing setup time. In addition, they quickly latch onto parts for better spindle utilization and reduced machine travel part-to-part. Centering accuracy is 0.0006-in. with .0002-in. repeatability. In addition, the movable jaws have a pull-type jaw clamping feature that reduces stationary jaw deflection by at least 80%. The vises have durable 80,000 psi iron bodies and are available in two models; 4-in. and 6-in. jaw width so jaw opening on the 4-in. model is 6.25-in. and 8-in. on the 6-in. model.

Kurt Manufacturing Co., 1325 Quincy St., NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, (877) 226-7828,

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