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Self-clinching standoffs - PennEngineering

The PEM Type MSO4 micro self-clinching standoffs are designed for spacing or stacking applications in compact electronic assemblies.

Manufactured from 400 Series stainless steel, engineered with threads as small as M1.0/#00, and available in lengths as short as 2 mm/0.080 in., the standoffs can be installed into sheet metal (including 300 Series stainless steel) as thin as 0.4 mm/0.016 in. with maximum hardness up to HRB 88 on the Rockwell “B” scale.

The standoffs clinch permanently into place simply by pressing them into a properly sized mounting hole using a punch and anvil until the fastener’s head is flush with the sheet. The devices will not loosen or fall out and provide strong and reusable load-bearing threads.

PennEngineering, 5190 Old Easton Rd., Danboro, PA 18916, (800) 237-4736,

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