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Machine Design

Self-Contained Linear Slide

A self-contained, one-axis linear slide adds a seventh or eighth axis when used with another robot.

The unit can be floor or ceiling mounted and comes with a mounting face on the carriage for attaching it to a robot. A brushless ac servomotor with rackand-pinion gearing drives the slide. Programmable-software limit switches control the range of movement, but the slides have the safeguard of mechanical stops if the limit switches are overrun. There are three sizes. The 250/2 is designed for robots with 6 to 16-kg payloads, the KL 100 for 30 to 60 kg, and the KL 1500/2 for 100 to 500 kg.

KUKA Robotics Corp. USA, 22500 Key Dr., Clinton Township, MI 48036, (866) 873-5852,

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