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Self-lubricating cam followers and guide rollers - Intech Corp.

Self-lubricating iCam followers and Power-Core guide rollers require no lubrication after wash-down, eliminating grease contamination and reducing downtime.
The followers also eliminate rail wear, reduce noise up to 10 dB, absorb shock and vibration, and have low-rolling resistance and lower inertia than metal wheels, for smooth rolling motion.
The wash-down wheel is made from precision-machined highly crystalline nonhygroscopic Power-Core material, a high-quality roller bearing, and stainless-steel shaft. The wheel’s cup-shaped design, with one side of the bearing entirely enclosed in plastic, presents a solid barrier to any pressurized liquid. The shaft side is sealed by an O-ring nested in a groove in the plastic part
Intech Corp., 250 Herbert Ave., Closter, NJ 07624, (201) 767-8066,

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