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Self-lubricating pillow blocks - Thomson

Lube for Life linear-bearing pillow blocks use self-lubricating cartridges pressed into each end of the pillow block housing. They support linear bearings initially lubricated with EP2 grease. The Lube for Life polymer is under constant pressure against the shafting, ensuring a film of lubricant is always present between the ball bearings and the inner race.
The design works for open and closed pillow blocks and is said to last three times longer than a bearing that is lubricated only during installation. The Lube for Life design can be ordered as an option with Thomson Super Ball Bushing bearing and Super Smart Ball Bushing bearing pillow blocks, for other for new applications, or as a retrofit kit.
Thomson, 1500 Mittel Blvd., Wood Dale, IL 60191, (540) 633-3549,

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