Machine Design

Self-Lubricating Plain Bearings

DM10 self-lubricating, maintenance-free, flexible, plain bearing material is lead-free, complying with the European Parliament's End of Life Vehicles Directive (ref: 2000/53 EC) on the elimination of hazardous materials in the construction of passenger cars and light trucks.

It is especially well suited for bearings in automotive applications, such as door hinges, seats, boots, tailgates and bonnets, cabriolet roof linkages, and belt tensioners. Potential industrial applications include light-duty linkages and pivots, intermediate bearings to accommodate lateral expansion and prevent fretting corrosion, and low-friction bearing pads.

DM10 bearings have a low coefficient of friction, high wear and corrosion resistance, and good dimensional stability. Suitable for oscillating, reciprocating and rotating movements, they also have good formability, making them ideal for flanged and spherical bearings. The bearings do not absorb water. The material comes as cylindrical and flanged wrapped bearings, thrust washers, spherical cups, strip, and custom shapes. DM10 bearings have a PV rating = 1.6 MPa-m/sec, an operating temperature range = 60 to 250°C, and a coefficient of friction (dry) = 0.11 to 0.18.

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