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Sensor-controlled winding system - Amacoil

The Uhing AVS is a software-based level winder that uses sensors to monitor and coordinate spool rpm speed relative to accumulation of material at the spool flanges.

Sensors monitor the line-feed speed of the wire (or other material), the spool rpm, and the linear speed/position of the traversing unit. When accumulated material at the spool flanges is uneven and forms a dent or bulge in the level wind, the AVS will correct the defect by making adjustments based on software analysis of the sensor data.

The continual balancing of spool rpm with line feed and traverse speed/position results in smooth, level windings with no depressions or bulges at the flanges. Warped or damaged flanges do not interfere with AVS operation. The device is suitable for spooling 0.2 to 5-mm-diameter wire and spool speeds of 3,000 rpm (maximum).

Amacoil, 2100 Bridgewater Rd., Aston, PA 19014, (800) 252-2645,

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