Machine Design

Sensor Mounts

A mount assembly for sensors holds them securely and permits rapid changeover, with easy fine positioning.

The Sensor Mount Assembly features a two-piece threaded collar that opens completely for installing or changing sensors, allows fine-tune positioning without disassembly, and attaches to a machined-aluminum base. Providing a rigid alternative to sheet-metal brackets, which use jam nuts, the sensor-mounting collar is secured by two clamping screws and attaches to the base or has two tapped face holes for mounting elsewhere. The assembly is designed for use with all popular optical and electromagnetic sensors and is available with 12, 18, and 30-mm ID threads on the collars and comes in sizes from 1 to 6-in. high. The standard collar and base are aluminum and can be made from steel and stainless steel. Other bore configurations are optional.

Stafford Mfg. Corp.,
Box 2370, Woburn, MA 01888,
(800) 695-5551,

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