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Machine Design

Sensors and Transducers: Photoelectric/Image Sensors

The iVu SeriesTG image sensor is said to combine qualities of photoelectric and vision sensors. It has a touchscreen with an intuitive interface and easy-to-configure inspection parameters. Three advanced sensor types — a match sensor, area sensor, and an area sensor that adjusts with motion — come in one package.

Features of the sensor include: no PC required to configure, change, or monitor; menu-driven tools guide setup; an intuitive interface; software emulator for offline programming; housing is available with or without a variety of integrated ring lights — red, blue, green, and infrared; 68.5-mm LCD touchscreen display; 752 × 480 CMOS imager, onboard help functions; adjustable focus lenses; and an onboard USB port for upload/download to USB drive.

Banner Engineering Corp.
9714 Tenth Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN 55441
(888) 373.6767

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