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Machine Design

Sensors and Transducers: Pressure Sensors

New brass sensors are compatible with various liquid and gaseous media. Models P4055/P4056 OEM pressure sensors have a piezoresistive sense element and the P4050 is available in pressure ranges of 0 to 3 through 0 to 300-psi gage, sealed gage, and absolute. The P4056 comes in measurement ranges of 0 to 200 mBar through 20 Bar. The P4055/P4056 have a built-in Metri-Pack 150 electrical connector. The sensors operate on 5 Vdc and provide a 0.5 to 4.5-Vdc output proportional to pressure. Pressure port options include NPT, G 1/4, M10, and M12. The temperature-compensated sensors have good EMI/RFI performance and tolerate high-vibration environments. Total error band is ±2% over –20 to 85°C with a full operating temperature range of –40 to 125°C.

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