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Motion System Design

SERCOS provides open source software drivers

SERCOS International (SI) will provide an open source software driver library for the SERCOS III real-time Ethernet communication system master implementation. According to association sources, SERCOS III is the first high performance real-time protocol to make driver software available as source code, without any license fees or usage limits. SI is cooperating with the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) to disclose the SERCOS III master driver. The OSADL eG is an international cooperative that promotes and coordinates the use of open-source software for machine and plant control systems.

Machine builders are seeing huge demand for open control platforms based on real-time Ethernet protocols. The Linux open source operating system is increasingly a standard in this market, according to SERCOS officials. Therefore, they believe that making the SERCOS III master library part of mainline Linux (and supplying it under a Linux-compatible license) will be helpful. SERCOS (Serial Real-time Communication System) is one of the leading digital interfaces for communication between controls, drives, and decentralized peripherals with a 20-year history. For more information, visit

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