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Serial communication system-Nippon Pulse America Inc

The Motionnet serial-communication networking system provides I/O and motor control, CPU emulation, and message communication, and reduces wiring. The system transfers 4 bytes of data in 15.1 µsec using cyclical communication to control both input and output.

The heart of the system is a 64-pin QFP G9001A chip that controls up to 64 local devices. The chip consists of 256 bytes of RAM for I/O control and 512 bytes of RAM for data. It supports a maximum 256 bytes of data communication within local data devices. The chip’s maximum communication speed is 20 Mbps. Two local devices connect to the G9001A chip to let users connect up to 64 devices to each chip or a combination of up to 64 devices to both chips.

An I/O device features four 8-bit ports/device, contains a tolerant buffer, and makes use of cyclic transfer. Another motor-control device controls a single-axis stepper or servomotor based on instructions from a center device with a maximum output of 6.5 Mpps.

Nippon Pulse America Inc., 4 Corporate Dr., Radford, VA 24141, (540) 633-1677,

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