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Servo-controlled ultrasonic welder

Servo-controlled ultrasonic welder

The iQ servo-controlled ultrasonic welder joins plastics for strong, repeatable welds. The unit's Melt Match technology matches the collapse speed during the melt phase of the weld to prevent material degradation and cold forming. The ultrasonic propagation penetrates deeper into the bond area and creates a larger heat-affected zone for greater bond strength. The unit's servo controls also consitently control part height.

The unit comes with an iQ series digital power supply with a data-processing rate of 0.5 ms. A programmable servo-drive mechanism controls speed. The iQ servo press comes in 20-, 30-, and 40-kHz versions and is FDA compliant.

Dukane Corp.
2900 Dukane Dr.
St. Charles, IL 60174
(630) 797-4902

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