Motion System Design


Floating shaft couplings

Floating Shaft CD couplings provide a torsionally stiff, zero-backlash option for connecting long distances between shaft ends.

Features & benefits

  • Flex element made of composite material simultaneously allows high torsional stiffness and low bearing loads

  • Custom designs available: Torques from 270 to 550,000 in.-lb; speeds from 500 to 15,000 rpm; lengths from 46 to 196 in.; hub ODs from 2.25 to 12 in.

  • Spacer materials include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and titanium; custom finishes and several hub options available

Zero-Max Inc. (800) 533-1731

Steel bellows coupling

The backlash-free primeflex coupling can be plugged in for easy installation and disassembly.

Features & benefits

  • Can be dismantled safely without putting the steel bellows at risk, even after long operating periods

  • Mounts easily to shafts via clamping or shrink disk connections

  • Compensates for axial, radial, and angular shaft misalignments

  • Torque transmitted with frictional locking or frictional and positive locking

Mayr Corp. (201) 445-7210

Slit type plastic couplings

S50TLC Inch and Metric Series couplings offer low cost, UV resistance, and voltage and RF isolation.

Features & benefits

  • Sizes 13, 19, and 25 available; made of engineered polymer with stainless steel fasteners

  • Can replace stainless or aluminum versions; lower cost, lighter weight

  • No windup, backlash, or derating for reversing applications; suitable for tight or skewed connections

  • Bore sizes from 0.125 to 0.50 in.; lengths from 0.71 to 1.40 in.

Sterling Instrument (516) 328-3300

Adjustable line shafts

By using a high-strength intermediate collar between two telescoping sections of precision tubing, EZV line shafts locate phase adjustment apparatus in an accessible space.

Features & benefits

  • Adjustable for both length and phase; torque ratings to 1,200 Nm; lengths to 4 m

  • For different machines, alternate hub designs are available, such as EK7 expanding mandrels and EK6 high strength conical clamp ends

  • Can also be made with torsionally rigid bellows couplings or integral mechanical torque limiters

R+W America L.P. (630) 521-9911

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