Machine Design

Shaft Collars Hold Tight Face Tolerance

For high-level face-to-bore perpendicularity, shaft collars are single-point faced resulting in a face runout of TIR < 0.05 mm on standard collars.

This ensures components are properly positioned and not tilted on the shaft and there is even pressure on interfaced components. A circular groove on the collar indicates the precision face. The collars come in aluminum, black-oxide carbon steel, stainless steel, and engineered plastic. One and two-piece clamp-style designs with bore sizes from 3 to 80 mm are available. Clamp-style collars have higher holding power because they wrap around the shaft when tightened, and the two-piece style can be installed without removing other components.

Ruland Mfg. Co. Inc., 6 Hayes Memorial Dr., Marlborough, MA 01752, (508) 485-1000,

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