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Shaft motor with 5-mm air gap - Nippon Pulse America Inc

The L427 Series linear-shaft servomotor features a 5-mm air gap between the forcer and magnetic shaft. The 5-mm air gap gives users more flexibility when machining devices to level. The gap also prevents the motor from jamming in applications where there is potential for debris buildup on the shaft. It also increases the time between cleanings.

The L427 has a usable stroke length between 100 and 4,600 mm and a 110-N constant force. The motor’s peak force is 450 N, while its force constant is 31 (Kf) N/A. Other features include a 42.7-mm shaft diameter, 3.6-A continuous current, 14-A peak current, 10 V/m/sec back-EMF, and 3-kg forcer weight.

Nippon Pulse America Inc., 4 Corporate Dr., Radford, VA 24141, (540) 633-1677,

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