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Machine Design

Shake, Rattle, And Off!

Vibration monitors detect both under and overvibration conditions that signal impending failure, minimizing risk of catastrophic equipment damage and expensive shutdowns.

The VS-XP Series targets numerous devices including fans, turbines, large motors, gearboxes, and vibratory conveyors.

The adjustable alarm trip is programmed to accept a range of vibration velocities. Sensing overvibration prevents catastrophic failure of equipment from imbalance conditions. Less obvious benefits involve sensor alerts on lower-thannormal vibrations where correct vibrations are required for proper operation such as vibratory conveyors.

Sensor range settings include vibration velocities from 0.1 to 26 ips rms. An adjustable setpoint delay prevents false trips of the selectable over or undervibration alarm. The VS-XP provides either an npn or SPDT relay output. The sensor uses 24 Vdc at 30 mA.

Electro-Sensors Inc.,
6111 Blue Circle Dr., Minnetonka, MN 55343,
(800) 328-6170,

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