Machine Design

Shim Simplifies Machine Adjustment

The Microshim is ideal for production plants, machine shops, utilities, and other industrial facilities where equipment must be precisely adjusted or leveled. The precision adjustable shim can be used in such applications as positioning large machine tools; leveling extruders and grinding and injectionmolding equipment; and adjusting roll assemblies. Users adjust a stainless-steel lifting bolt to raise or lower the machine. Height adjustments of 0.001 in. are possible, and each Microshim will lift and support l0,000 lb. By applying adhesive to the sliding surfaces, users can make adjustments before permanently locking the Microshim to a specific height. The shims are milled from a solid block of aluminum and protected by a hard-anodized coating. Lifting hardware is fabricated in stainless steel. The Microshims are packaged in a set of four.

Pinpoint Laser Systems, 3 Graf Rd., Newburyport, MA 01950, (978) 462-8056,

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