Machine Design

Shock absorbers for big loads

Engineers are designing material-handling and assembly machines that run faster, change loads more often, and are expected to last longer.

To meet these needs and protect the machinery, designers at Enidine Inc., Orchard Park, N.Y. (, have developed the Xtreme Series of shock absorbers. The units feature rugged, one-piece cylinders with solid back ends. They can be configured as adjustable or nonadjustable and come in 20 to 30-mm bore sizes (0.75 to 1.125 in.) and stroke lengths to 150 mm (6 in.). Maximum shock force ranges from 4,500 to 13,750 lb. Wrench flats on the cylinders and a low profile simplify installation and servicing. A built-in positive stop saves costs and downtime. The shocks are also sized to be interchangeable with existing shock absorbers and can be ordered with metric or imperial threads. The units can be used on gantry robots, paper and wood-handling machines, and machining centers, according to the manufacturer.

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