Machine Design

Short-stroke thrust slides for confined spaces

Parker Pneumatic, Richland, Mich., has introduced the new P5T Series thrust slides, a nine-model range designed for heavy-duty, short-stroke applications with limited mounting envelopes and substantial side-loading. Typical factory-automation applications include conveyor line stops, tamping boxes in packaging applications, and in welding, presses, parts transfer, machine loading/unloading, clamping, and assembly processes.

The compact slide housing features four built-in bushings which guide two parallel, case-hardened support rods. The slide body integrates a low profile cylinder that contains a wear strip, piston magnet, and two pressure energized, wear compensating piston seals. Side or rear porting is available, and maximum operating pressure is 10 bar. Piston bumpers are built in, and hydraulic dampers can be specified. P5T slides are available in nine diameters from 16 to 100 mm. Options include Hall-effect and reed switches, dowel pin holes, flow controls, corrosion-resistant shafting, and fluorocarbon seals.

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