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Silver conductive epoxy - Master Bond, Inc.

Silver conductive epoxy - Master Bond, Inc.

EP77M-F, a two-component, silver-filled, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive sets up in 5 to 10 min and cures in 8 to 12 hr at room temperature. It has a volume resistivity of 10-3 ohm-cm. Electrical conductivity develops rapidly and is detectable in 30 to 60 min. The adhesive bonds to metals, glass, ceramics, vulcanized rubbers, and most plastics and resists temperatures from 4 to 373K, thermal cycling, and chemicals including water, oil, and organic solvents.
EP77M-F has a one-to-one mix ratio by weight or volume and is 100% reactive and diluents and solvent-free with low outgassing. The adhesive comes in glass jars, metal containers, and syringes.

Master Bond, Inc., 154 Hobart St., Hackensack, NJ 07601, (201) 343-8983,

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