Machine Design

Simple, Compact Pallet Drive

The Pallet Drive conveyor system is a compact, spacesaving and maintenancefree driven conveyor.

It uses no gearmotor, motor station, or chains and guards, so assembly and maintenance is minimal. The system uses two pallet drives and five gravity conveyor rollers. Drives are mounted in brackets with rubber inlays so they are higher than the gravity conveyor rollers. A pallet presses the drives down on the conveyor rollers, so the weight of the pallet is evenly distributed and the item being moved is constantly in contact with the pallet drives during transport. The drives have a 113-mm diameter and work with Series-1450 heavy-duty rollers, which have an 89-mm diameter. Speeds reach 50 fpm, and the pallet drive has a load capacity of 3,000 lb.

Interroll Corp.
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Wilmington, NC 28405
(910) 799-1100

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