Machine Design

Simple Thermal Analysis For Complex Problems

V2.4 Sinda/G, advanced thermal-analysis software, is a network thermal analyzer that models systems by combining masses and linking them with conduction, convection, and radiation connections.

Advanced convection features in Sinda/G identifies and corrects FEA model problems, and the software supports Intel Fortran V.8 (single and double precision).

It's easy to model symbolically complex systems and boundary conditions while transparently integrating into most popular graphical modelers such as MSC Patran/Nastran, UGS-Femap, 3G.Author, Ansys, and HyperMesh. V2.4 advances include Parameter Blocks, transparent integration into MSC.Patran, and easily modeled ablation. Parameter blocks, a new feature, allows modifying nodes, sources, conductors, constants, and array data to the end of a SINDA/G run.

Network Analysis Inc.,
Stellar Airpark, 4151 W. Lindbergh Way, Chandler, AZ 85226,
(480) 756-0512,

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