Machine Design

Simulations improved for structures, chemical, and electromagnetics


The clamp is modeled in Femlab. The simulation software supports solid, shell, and beam elements in 3D. Thin-walled structures are now modeled in 3D, using a combination of solids, shells, and beams. This allows modeling structures such as pressurized tanks, airplane wings, and fuselages. All modules have a set of models and model libraries in the fields of structural mechanics, chemical engineering, and electromagnetics, to illustrate the use of the new applications.
Femlab Vv2.3 sports a new release of its Structural Mechanics Module, Chemical Engineering Module, and Electromagnetics Module. The software supplies technology for modeling and simulating all science and engineering fields with new solvers for parametric analysis, modeling large vector fields, structural mechanics, and transport processes in chemical engineering. The software also introduces new Eigenvalue solvers for large models in eigenfrequency and eigenmode analyses.

The structures module is incorporated with Femlab and includes new applications for shells, beams, and solids. For chemists, applications assist studying non-Newtonian fluids, compressible flow, multicomponent transport, and turbulence. And the Electromagnetics Module includes applications for optoelectronics and photonics, as well as new models in the fields of radio frequency and microwave engineering.

The Structural Module offers unlimited multiphysics combinations and traditional structural mechanics in 2D and 3D. This module offers rapid coupling and simultaneous modeling of structural mechanics, solid mechanics, heat transfer, fluid flow, electromagnetics, acoustics, and other applications in the software.

Complex thin structures can be studied using new shell elements. These may be combined with beam elements to describe thin structures supported by internal beams, such as pressurized tanks, airplane wings, and fuselages. Price: $4,495

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