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Machine Design

Single-Point Sensor

The SPR-04 sensor is a CCD-based single-point sensor for measuring distance, thickness, and material deformation.

It uses optical triangulation to attain resolution of 0.001 in. at rates to 1,800 measurements/sec. Field-adjustable measuring ranges are from 2 to 8 in. Communication software lets users change measurement range, voltage output, invalid set points, laser power, and filtering through RS-485 and RS-232 links. Operating temperature range is from 32 to 122°F and power is from a 15 to 30-Vdc source. The sensor measures 63331.65 in. and weighs 1.3 lb.

LMI Technologies Inc.,
21455 Melrose Ave., Suite 22, Southfield, MI 48075,
(248) 359-2409,



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