Machine Design

Six-Finger Gripper

The six-finger O-Ring Gripper ORG 85 fits O-rings to shafts and in holes.

Two triple-jaw sets move independently of one another and an integral stroke allows an assembly procedure without precedent. The gripper's first three fingers release and then the last three fingers let go, letting the O-ring slip into the groove, instead of snapping in. Clamping diameter ranges from fingernail-sized 5-mm-diameter O-rings to 30 times larger, 150-mm-diameter O-rings. The only required setup is the change of gripper fingers. The stroke of the two sets of triple jaws range from 0 to 21 mm for triple jaw A and 0 to 15 mm for triple jaw B.

Schunk Inc.,
211 Kitty Hawk Dr., Morrisville, NC 27560,
(800) 772-4865,



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