Machine Design

Slitter Makes Precise Shear Or Crush Cuts

The Acu-Slit slitter is an add-on or replacement for moderate-volume web-processing lines.

It delivers clean, exact cuts to rolled materials including paper, foil, film, plastic sheeting, and nonwovens. Two versions are available: the Acu-Slit SLS is a shearcut slitter with a spring-loaded upper knife that makes scissorlike cuts on up to 12-ftwide rolls, minimum 3/8 1-in. strips. The Acu-Slit SLC is a crush slitter that handles thicker, low-density materials including filter media and nonwovens. The slitters are available with unwinder and rewinder modules with a special dancer arm or brake for consistent tension.

Azco Corp., 26 Just Rd., Fairfield, NJ 07004, (973) 439-1428,

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