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Machine Design

Slotted Optical Switches

The OPB200 Series optical slotted switches are packaged in an opaque grade of injectionmolded polyester for minimal sensitivity to ambient visible light and near-infrared radiation.

The device actuates when an object interruptsthe infrared LED packaged in the device, which can be driven with dc forward current up to 50 ma. Maximum reverse dc voltage is 5 V, and maximum power dissipation is 75 mW. The output phototransistor's collector-emitter breakdown voltage is 30 V, with an emitter-collector breakdown voltage of 5 V. Operating temperature range is 25 to 85°C. The switch housing has a 0.20-in. (5.08-mm) gap, and a 0.32-in. (8.13-mm) slot depth. The through-hole device mounts to a PC board with a footprint of 0.52 in. (13.2 mm) X 0.24 in. (6.1 mm), with a board-mounted profile of 0.40 in. (10.2 mm). Assembly services are available for volume orders, including PC board mounting, second-level wiring, or other operations.

Optek Technology Inc.
1645 Wallace Dr.
Carrollton, TX 75006
(972) 323-2200

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