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Machine Design

Slowdown CAM Smooths Linear-Drive Moves

Model RG rolling-ring linear drives now have optional end-stop assemblies fitted with specially machined V-shaped cams.

The cams lower linear speed of the drive prior to reversal, without electronic controls or reducing motor speed. After reversal, the cams permit smooth rampup of drive speed, eliminating possible whipping action of tools such as spray heads or cutting blades.

Dissipating momentum in this manner stops overtravel or abrupt movement of the tool head for smoother, more-accurate reversals. Operation of the drive is simple because ramp down/up of linear speed is mechanically controlled, independent of the motor.

The slowdown cam option is available on new Uhing rolling-ring drive assemblies and, in some cases, may be retrofitted in the field. The length of the cam arms is specific to the size of the Uhing drive on which the cam will be used. Once installed, the slowdown cams must be adjusted in relation to the position of the end stops to assure proper functioning and accurate location of reversal points.

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